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What? A rundown of HSSreader stuff

This is the HSSreader, no. 6, the only available HSS issue at present. Run down: This issue is jam-crammed full of good stuff. It has a unique size, a psychedelic cover (used a giant rubber stamp of a floral design and giant multi-colored stamp pad called "Big and Juicy"!) As for content? Because it was long in the making I doubled up a few features, so you've got pairs of jokes, artists website reviews, reader celebrity sightings*, and interviews! Wow. The interviews are the crown jewels of this issue, having Q&As with two really amazing independent filmmakers: Usama Alshaibi on his documentary "Nice Bombs" and Richard Crawford on his docu-drama from the 60's, "Captain Milkshake" (see links at side of blog). But there are more highlights, such as reader Dustin who wrote our travel story about a scandalous trip to London, or, check out the craft instructions on how to make pillows from old woolen sweaters. Throw in some music and literature reviews, advice, letters, a comic and you've got a whopper of a deal for a measley $2!

*I fixed Noel's sighting of Chloe Sevigny which was printed terribly in the first run of 100 issues. Apologies to Noel.

What's this? Well well well...it's a micro-comic type dealy called "college doodles"! These tiny gems were made specifically for a zine event hosted by HSSreader, A New Tomorrow and Loop Distro that you can read about here: Zine Picnic! They're comprised of doodles I did in class in the fall and spring semesters of 2006-07. Some of the doodles will have you scratching your head going, "What the heck?" but for .75 cents apiece, you can shrug it off and enjoy the kook factor.
At the Zine Picnic there were party favors which were vintage ice-cream boxes filled with goodies from Uncle Fun. There are a few party favors left over, in sak form - the vintage ice cream boxes went like hotcakes. For a mere dollar more than cover price, you can get HSS no.6, the college doodles and other random goodies in a trippy bag. That's $3: less than that gross fast food breakfast you shouldn't have had. This is much better for you.

Send me (O Arrow) an email message to order any one of these items. Also, rock on.

p.s. Jan/09 - these items are still for sale -except the grab bag - at my etsy store, http://oliviarrow.etsy.com, plus two new "college doodles".

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