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Zoom time

Don't be surprised if there's a sudden surge of blog activity from me after such a long patchy, dry spell. I'm on summer break from school now, so I have a new surplus of time I can use to get you caught up on some recent stuff and things.
Breaks from school tend to go by a lot faster than I expect so I want to try and fit a whole lot into the next couple months, it's kind of a personal challenge. Ideas are overflowing right now for new art and adventures so I hope this summer proves extra productive in the creative department.
If you come back soon I'll be showing some new art, I'll talk about a few events I've been to recently, do a couple reviews and so on and so forth! The general plan is to share an extravaganza of goodness with you, so see you soon. Let's zoom.
One of the many arrows I've photographed this year. Nothing says "zoom" like an arrow!


Felicity said...

Howdy! Nice to see you!! : )

O Arrow said...

Hey! I know it's been forever! Time to go catch up on your blog. :)