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Zines and things

It's been a while since the Chicago zine fest happened, but I still wanted to write about it nevertheless (such a great combo word!). I worked ultra hard over spring break to get everything done on time. The fest was on the last day of my break and I was so exhausted from all the preparation. Who knew that having a table at an event would be so hectic? Not me!
The exhibition was held on a Saturday in March at Columbia College in Chicago. It was rather large, and by large I mean maybe a little too much for one day. Last year it was only on the 1st floor but this year it was on the 1st and the 8th floors, with dozens of tables and loads of events. At one point I got someone to watch over my table while I took a stroll around the exhibition and I never even made it off the 8th floor. I didn't even get to every table up there. It was rather overwhelming, actually!
I traded a lot, which was pretty cool, but my sales were kinda crumby. On the plus side, I did get a lot of lovely compliments, and the people tabling around me were super sweet and interesting, so that was fab, too. I'm thinking that next year I'll skip having a table and just be an attendee so I can see all the events and workshops I missed this time around.

zine fest '11
(Here's me, looking dorky.)

I'll do another post soon (enough) to review some of the zines I got that were great, so you can check them out as well. I also made two brand new zines just for the festival, which are pictured below and recently up for sale on my etsy shop.
Being in the exhibition had the surprising effect of turning me in a new direction with zines, so I think it was a good learning experience in the end. I'll always want to create these independently published booklets that take so much blood, sweat and tears. I've been in love with the creative process of it all for many years now. But I also realized that I have finally reached a point of wanting to move on to some other formats, and it's exciting and refreshing to be entering a new phase of creating and sharing.
So - viva zines! And cheers to exploring new avenues! Thanks for joining me in my creative evolution.

new zines!
(my newest zines: "arrow obsession" and "the idea")

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