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Er, um, so...

I'm finding it hilarious that over the course of making this blog I've made promises of some big change to come, more frequent posting or other claims to boost this into being a better blog.  Then, as if by some comical force of irony, life strolls on by, taking me away to do other things and the blog goes neglected yet again. A recent example being my May post "Zoom time" which promised a "sudden surge of blog activity" because of a "surplus of time"- Ha!
It's not that I believe anyone out there is actually holding their breath, awaiting these promises. That would be weird. It's just that, for whatever reason, I really do want to make this better than what it is. Now it's mostly just a blog about things I'm interested or involved in; an artist's journal type blog, I guess. But what would I like it to evolve into?
Ok, I haven't actually figured that out.
In the interim, how's about I show you something I did this summer? Cool.
So I got a job painting a mural for a private residence, which was a first for me. I have never painted anything this large before.
That's it sitting in my living room after a month of crazy painting madness.  I used latex house paint samples on a piece of plywood. The subject was chosen by my client, btw, but imagined by me.
And this is what it looks like at his house, installed on a wood frame. Nice? He seemed to really like it, so I was happy. It was a good learning experience to work in this large format, but I don't think I'll switch over to full time mural painting. Back to the mini scale of ATCs for me.
And this is long enough now, so bye bye until the next random post!

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