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RIP HSSreader

Why hello there!
 This blog has mainly been a random affair, posting bits and pieces of my scattered creative life at very irregular intervals. Kind of like it is making a zine...irregular intervals indeed.
Which reminds me that I never really announced that my (maga)zine, the HSSreader, is now defunct. It is what this blog was named after. It was a great zine, if I do say so. I kind of miss it, and its demise is a sore spot I never shared.
It's been several years since the last issue I printed (issue no. 6 in 2007!) but there were two issues that never made it to print after that. I was working on a double issue (no. 7 & 8) over the course of...WAY too long. It was becoming a pretty hefty issue with all sorts of content: two great interviews, two fantastic travel story contributions, celebrity sightings, artwork, and so on. It was going to be amazing, believe me.
But then idiocy struck. Toshiba deleted my hard drive without warning me that my files could never be retrieved. I had no back up. They even made me pay them for that "service".  The HSSreader disappeared, just like that, forever. (Along with all my photos, documents...everything.) I was heartbroken about it for a while there, but I finally realized the zine itself would have made more sense as a blog than a printed periodical anyhow. So that's the story of why the zine shall never be resurrected and I now officially lay it to rest. RIP HSSreader zine.
And there you have my little homage to the zine that will never be. (Also, a word to the wise: never call Toshiba's tech support - or buy any of their crappy products while you're at it. Not kidding around, they are the worst.) I'm looking forward to carrying on the spirit of the HSSreader in this format and hope you come back to see where I take this. Thanks for reading, it's been lengthy!
p.s. Wondering about the images? I did a wallpaper removal job this summer and revealed all these layers of wallpaper. They were laid on top of each other over several decades and it was really fascinating and beautiful to uncover. It's also kind of a metaphor for the creative process, I think.


Wilson said...

I love the wallpaper pics; they make me think of poetry erasure projects. RIP HSSreader! So glad you'll be living on in electronic form!

O Arrow said...

Ooo - poetry erasure!? I need to find out more. Thanks for your condolences on the zine, I hope this will be just as good and thanks for reading my blog!